If you travel  frequently, you understand that a little planning goes a long way in making your trip far more comfortable.  If you own a smart phone, then make your travel a lot easier by using some of the most popular mobile apps, which are relevant to a Pakistani traveler.  All apps are available on iOS and Android.


Trip Case by Sabre – this is my favorite travel app. You can organize all your trip details into one easy to read itinerary.  My favorite feature is the airport terminal and gate updates which are a great help in huge airports like JFK, Heathrow or Dubai.  This app let’s me know if there is any gate change or delay – and the notifications are easy to get on a mobile, tablet or even a smart watch!  If your travel agent is connected to Sabre (and all good travel agents in Pakistan are), then you can just import all the details directly using your PNR.  As your travel agent about Trip Case or get more information here

You can now even book an Uber within the Trip Case app. Watch this video for more information.


Emirates – I must say, EK has out done itself when it comes to its adoption of technology.  It really feels like they spend time and resources in thinking about the user experience.  Very simple to use with big buttons and great functionalities.  Oh, how I wish one of the PK airlines would also launch an equally awesome mobile app!

Careem / Uber – as a Pakistani, how can you NOT support one of your own? (Mudassir Sheikha is a Pakistan born tech rockstar).  They are in 28 cities now.  My advice, within Pakistan and if you are going to Saudi Arabia or UAE you use Careem.  Anywhere else (Malaysia, UK, US, Canada, etc) take an Uber.

Both apps are easy to use and cost effective. If you haven’t used either of them yet, my suggestion is to use them within Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad first.  For example, next time you are going to the airport, instead of calling Metro Cab or White Radio (sorry boys!),  book Careem from their app.  If you are uncomfortable for any reason (you don’t need to be), but if you are, book it a little earlier than usual – just in case. Call them if necessary (or take medication, because you’re getting travel anxiety).


Google Maps – if you already use Google Maps for driving directions, try it for public transit and while looking for offices, shops or residence addresses.  If you are on holiday (or taking a break from work in a new city) it’s a great tool to explore with.  I highly recommend using Google Services in general.  The more you use it, the more you will get out of it – and have more fun! Get it here


Google Translate – if you are ever stuck asking for help from a person who doesn’t speak English, or you are just unable to explain what you need, Google Translate is your savior.  It has helped me out countless times.  It’s even cooler if the person is also tech savvy.  Then you can have amazing conversations and connect on a much deeper level.  Find it here

Bunu çevirmek için zaman aldı eğer, bana e-posta ve ben güzel bir yemek için dışarı alacak


Packpoint – this a very useful packing list organizer. The app will check weather reports and recommend clothes accordingly (for example, if it’s raining where you are going, it will remind you to pack a jacket or umbrella). Another useful function is that you can share this list with other people that you are travelling with.  If you are going to travel with family, especially younger kids, this is a good app to have on your phone.  Download Packpoint here

Bonus for business travelers:


Fudget – this is the simplest expense tracking tool that I have come across.  It won’t give you fancy charts or graphs.  But it will let you keep track of where you are spending money, and give you the ability to budget.  A must have tool for when you are on holiday or business travel. Get it here

Happy traveling !