We’ve all heard pilots and air traffic controllers address each other.  Most airlines have quiet obvious call signs.  Like “Emirates” for Emirates Airlines. But did you know that some airlines have really unique call signs.  Here are some of my favorites:

777-no-rain-on-this-parade“Dynasty” – China Airlines (CI)

When pilots of the national carrier of China call themselves “Dynasty”, they refer to the dyanastic cycles that are a part of its rich past. And it reminds me of my favorite Chinese restaurant in Karachi 🙂

south-african-airways“Springbok” – South African Airways (SA)

I didn’t know that the South African rugby team are not the only ones who are called this species of antelope.   It’s the same animal that used to be on the carrier’s livery – that should’ve been my first clue!

cri_564ef709ee642britishairways_21686364003704_thumb“Speedbird” – British Airways (BA)

British Airways took over this super cool nickname from its predecessor BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation).  This has to be the most creative name of all the call signs.

Kudos to you, BA !

– US Airways (US)

The now defunct carrier took over this name when they merged with American West Airlines in 2005, which was headquartered in Arizona.  Odd for an airline. But memorable for sure!


“Shamrock” – Aer Lingus (EI)

Why would this Irish carrier have any other name? This clover like plant which is particularly associated with Ireland is also what Aer Lingus is called.

Guess “Lucky Charms” was already taken!