Yasir Abbasi

I like to learn.

New concepts, age old wisdom, people, places, things, experiences; I like to engage and discover. No topic too small, no idea too insane.

I grew up a global citizen – I was born into an expat family.  Calling different cities home; having friends, families & colleagues all across the world; forming a connection with several different traditions, cultures and faiths is very much a part of who I am – and how I see the world.

And I like to solve real world problems.

I enjoy formulating strategies and working towards goals – often in fast paced environments and with high impact teams.  No objective too grand and no task too small!

I also have a passion for digital commerce.  By its very nature, digital commerce usually requires connect-ability with teams often operating in different parts of the world.

Strong project management, people & resource accountability, and a super power to problem solve! All are key requirements for executing innovation.  And these are my key strengths.

I help businesses solve real world problems by applying manageable changes in people, processes and technology.  

I have had the privilege to work with some great people on some great projects; from India, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Canada, and the UK.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about my experiences in working for leading brands in the Canada, the Middle East and Pakistan, please view my Linkedin profile

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