Digital Cement is a digital marketing agency, evolved from the beginnings of digital content driven marketing concepts in the late 90’s.  Visit their website to learn more of what they do today.

  • General office support and administration tasks like switchboard operation and reception management.
  • Supported co-founders in creating:
    • sales pitch decks for content driven website marketing and the practices that would eventually be known as CRM and Big Data.
    • an “Email Best Practices” handbook targeting marketing managers of leading brands, who were just coming to terms with digital.
    • a workshop attended by marketing managers to learn about content driven marketing using content web portals and email marketing.
    • post campaign analytics on email marketing; describing click thru rates and cost per impression.
  • Worked with content writers to create, edit and upload content for a library of articles, guides & templates for Fedex’s Small Business Library and Kraft Foods’ Recipe Newsletter.



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